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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is Therapy / Psychotherapy / Counseling?

Therapy, psychotherapy, and counseling are closely related and usually interchangeable terms for what can be described as ‘talk therapy’. Therapy is the process of treating mental health issues, wellness issues, or psychological disorders of clinical significance. Therapy is carried out by trained mental health professionals such as the counseling psychologists of Better Steps Psychology.

2. How does therapy help?

Therapy involves the use of communicating, imagery, introspection, reflection, and taking action to alleviate mental health issues, wellness issues, or psychological issues that our patients have. Therapy can help people in many different ways but most commonly, we have noted that our patients were able to have a better understanding of their situation and an awareness of their personal strengths and limitations. This knowledge and awareness and understanding of these information at a personal level allows our patients to see new possibilities that leads them to mental health and wellness.

3. What is your approach to therapy?

At Better Steps Psychology, we believe in a collaborative approach where your Better Steps counselor will integrate your own treatment goals with those that we recommend so that there is greater personal ownership and motivation for our patients to work towards wellness. Moreover, each member of the Better Steps team has his/her own area of specialization so that we can assign a counselor that is most suited to your needs. Most of our counselors begin with a client-centered and eclectic approach that they can modify to suit their patient’s needs. The Better Steps team is also unique in that each client’s case is regularly monitored by our Clinic Interventions Director for progress. Our counselors collaborate and consult with each other to gather different perspectives on how to address our patients’ situation. At Better Steps Psychology, our patient’s welfare is always our first priority.

4. How long does psychotherapy last? / How many sessions do I need?

The therapeutic process is complex and dependent on many factors. The length of therapy depends on the complexity of the psychological situation and the challenges that you may be experiencing. It also depends on the modality used to address your issue. While all Better Steps clinicians aim to make therapy as efficient as possible, we would like to emphasize that at Better Steps Psychology, the goal is to keep you in therapy only as indicated by your situation.

We do however acknowledge and encourage long term, low frequency therapy to maintain psychological wellbeing in all people regardless of their state of mental wellness.

5.Do you prescribe medication at Better Steps Psychology?

No. Better Steps Psychology is a psychology services facility staffed by psychologists. However, should there be a need for pharmacologic intervention, we can arrange referrals with psychiatrists who can prescribe medications for you.

6. Do you perform psychological assessments?

We are currently in the final stages of preparing for psychological assessments to happen within our facility. We are hoping to have this service in place by March 2015.

7. How do I set an appointment?

Appointments may be set by calling our offices at (02) 216 1586 or (0917) 894 3988 during office hours (M-Sat 10am – 5pm). You can also set appointments by sending us an email through wellness@bettersteps.org. Please make sure to set appointments at least 3 days (excluding sundays) before your desired schedule so that we can find a time slot for you.

8. Do you accept walk-ins?

At Better Steps Psychology, we put a premium on the time we spend with our patients and clients. As such, we highly recommend that you set an appointment with us so that we can allot and reserve a specific time for you.


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