Counseling and Psychotherapy

Therapy is for everybody. At Better Steps, we use the process of therapy to help those who want to heal themselves. Our definition of helping is to listen, witness, connect, hope, and guide towards growth and positive change.

“Therapy will teach you how to understand how your past is affecting your present, how to manage your emotions, teach you how to improve relationships and deal with people, improve your decision making, and to better understand who you are.” @kaha.mind

This is not an easy process and takes time. To make progress, the client and therapist need to work together. Sometimes, sessions feel heavy and messy, and other times they feel light. Change happens gradually, and only comes when the client takes what is learned inside the session and applies them to life outside.

We don’t aim to “fix” or “cure” clients, because we don’t see clients as broken. In the end, the general goal of the Better Steps therapists is to not be needed by our clients, because that would mean that our clients are better equipped to handle their lives. Our goal is progress, not perfection.

If you’ve ever wondered if you need or should go to therapy, that curiosity should be your clue that you just might.