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About Us

Better Steps Psychology, Inc. is a psychology group practice that promotes mental and holistic wellness for all. The Better Steps team is composed of Filipino psychologists and mental health professionals trained from some of the most prestigious psychology departments, institutions, and clinics in the Philippines.

The founding partners of Better Steps Psychology, Inc. are mental health professionals, clinicians, physicians, and educators who are all committed to the improvement of the delivery of mental health and wellness services to Filipinos here and abroad. This commitment extends to the team’s passion for engaging in research and implementing best practices in individual, family, and group counseling services as well as the delivery of institutional workshops and consultancies.

The Better Steps team is experienced in providing counseling and psychotherapy for clients dealing with a wide range and variety of issues. Better Steps clinicians and counselors employ a diverse mix of psychological approaches that are all based on the latest scientific literature to ensure that services are delivered competently and effectively while maintaining client privilege, privacy, and confidentiality.

The Better Steps team also specializes in designing and delivering well-being programs for families, students and professionals. Collectively, the team has over twenty years of experience delivering these programs that cater to the unique needs of each group or institution. At Better Steps, we always listen to the client and what they need and want.

It is the commitment of the Better Steps team to not only deliver the very best in our clinical and institutional services but to also assure our clients that we will listen and help them grow as better individuals and organizations. At Better Steps Psychology, we collaborate with our clients to take better steps together.

Our Vision

To be the premiere full-service psychological firm that ensures excellence and integrity in providing modern and innovative programs, grounded in evidence-based theories and best-practices, for the purpose of advancing the field of mental health and wellness toward achieving holistic development of Filipinos

Our Mission

  • To nurture awareness, growth, and harmony in individuals, families, institutions, and communities
  • To equip our clients with the skills and knowledge for dealing with psycho-emotional challenges, and empowering them to take a proactive role in their own healing and wellness.
  • To promote a shift in the view of mental health issues in the Philippines by erasing stigma and encouraging people to seek help.
  • To provide services that are rooted in Filipino values: nurturing others, resilience, optimism, and the bayanihan spirit.
  • To invest in our professional excellence and that of others in our field.
  • To foster an environment of collaboration between psychologists and other helping professions.
  • To participate in the advancement of Philippine psychology by sharing experiences and expertise.

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