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To speak, breathe, and become. We value every person’s unique story and strive to honor it. Tell us yours.

Counseling and

BSP offers counseling and therapy to individuals, couples, and families. Our team’s diversity of experience and skill allows us to respond to the many different demands of our growing number of clients.

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Institutional Seminars
and Workshops

The Better Steps team also helps groups and institutions in formulating solutions for their training needs. We customize all our learning programs to fit the unique situation and needs of our clients.

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We offer several tests and evaluations for a wide variety of referrals, such as cognitive or learning impairments, developmental issues, personality and psychopathology testing, as well as non-clinical evaluations for adoption or visa requirements.

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Being readily available to everyone and helping them is okay, but it is a different story when you feel no one is there for you. It (therapy) has reminded me that in order to save others, I gotta save myself first. Thank you! I am back to taking care of myself and am carefully providing emotional support to people who matters to me.

Client, 28M

Therapy has helped me develop healthier ways of dealing with stress and coping with challenging situations. It has taught me, to process my thoughts, emotions, and actions, so I can better understand myself, my situation, and respond accordingly. My bad ways of coping, often self-destructive, have been reduced. It has also empowered me. All this doesn’t mean everything will be easier moving forward, but it does give me peace of mind knowing I can count on myself somehow.

Client, 31F

I was suffering Panic and Anxiety attacks for more than 7 years. At first, I was hesitant and anxious. Thinking that “it was all in your mind” and “only you can help yourself”. But after a month, I decided to email Better Steps. I was told how to understand my fears and physical symptoms. I learned how to manage the way I think and emotions. After 3 sessions, I was able to go to malls, churches, parties and events just by myself which I wasn’t able to do for more than 2 years.

Client, 35M

Usapang Mag-Asawa

The Role of Marital Communications in Life as a Couple “We could talk about anything under the sun.” And so goes one of the major reasons that people give for marrying or committing to someone. With the passing of years or with changes as people and relationships transition, communication between partners are among those that […]

Have a BLAST! (Basic Leadership and Skills Training)

Last 26-27 June 2014, one hundred fifty student leaders of Marist School in Marikina participated in Better Steps Psychology’s signature student leadership program called BLAST – Basic Leadership and Skills Training. BLAST is a whole day activity designed for high school students to learn inspirational leadership and to equip these leaders with the courage, responsibility, […]

Better Counsel: Dads Matter

    Increasingly on our practice, we’ve seen more fathers involved in the referral process. Traditionally, Filipino dads will want to be more concerned with their role as “provider”, relegating the “nurturer” role to moms. In a traditionally macho society like ours, this has always been the case. However, it is very interesting and refreshing to […]

The First Day of School

The first day of school is an exciting event for many students. Meeting new friends and being able to exchange ideas and stories of their summer vacations with their classmates, friends, and teachers are just some of the things that many students look forward to this time of the year. However, for some students, the first […]

The Unlovable

  I stumbled across this graphic as the weekend was winding down. At first, it seemed odd, quite plain, and then I read, and re-read the words once again until I realized how truthful and beautiful and amazing these words were. The words seemed to make me reflect on my own work in both schools […]

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